King Rat’s Legacy

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It might be a little early to start considering King Rat’s contribution to democracy and ultimately, his legacy.  But highlights include how the GOP controlled Senate says it’s OK to demand kickbacks from foreign leaders and use any means, legal or otherwise, to cover it up.  It’s fine for the executive branch to stonewall judicial inquiries, ignoring any and all congressional Subpoenas.  I suppose there is little to be gained by pointing out that any future Democratic president, if any as corrupt as King Rat ascend to the role, may claim the same legal privilege.  Or that the GOP is headed by a guy who commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich, the only politician nearly as corrupt as Trump himself.  This following the pardon of ex-Sheriff Arpaio, the only disgraced law enforcement official possibly more bigoted than Trump.  Why not let Bernie Madoff walk.  Or Harvey Weinstein.  Like that would be any different?  I’m thinking the legacy is a big indelible shitstain on the American flag.  Congratulations, Trumpfucks.


Stable Genius Tweeting


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This has become the new normal, how we now gain information, insight and inspiration from the purported commander in chief.  So a Swedish environmental activist says Trump does not give a rat’s ass about the environment, he gets on Twitter and squeals like a little bitch about how a 16 year old girl was really, really mean to him.

His Twitter feed is page after page of some really scary shit.  Add a greasy shake-down of the president of Ukraine and the absolute panic in the White House to bury the whistleblower complaint and hide the phone logs, and you get the coveted Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Justice Hall of Fame nomination.  I’m thinking impeachment is too little, too late.

Moscow Calling


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Whatever Putin has on Trump must be truly monstrous.  Putin’s immediate goals are to allow Russia to regain its place as a superpower, to end the economic sanctions for invading Crimea, destroy the G7, and to get NATO off his borders.  Putin hits the little button for the shock collar installed on Trump’s neck, and the little moron does his bidding.

The underlying events allowing for this degree of leverage must be so depraved as to lie beyond the scope of ordinary human comprehension.  I would start with the observation Trump cares for nothing except Trump.  More money, more power, maybe more sex.  For Trump.  He cares nothing for wives, family, country, pets, kids, friends.  Unless, of course, they can get him more money, more power, maybe more sex.  Stains upon his moral character mean nothing to him, and he actually seems to like the attention.  Recordings of him talking about pussy grabbing and treating women like shit?  That goes in Big Boy’s Win Column.  Salacious details of the Steele Dossier are being confirmed one tawdry bit at a time, so the peeing hookers thing is clearly within the realm of possibility.  But based on the response to the Stormy Daniels deal, peeing hookers would probably improve his ratings, especially among the evangelicals.  The GOP doesn’t care.  They follow him around like a bunch of boot licking sodomites, a chorus of slobbering zombie lawmakers standing behind the bully egging him on.

Money laundering through questionable business loans and shady real estate transfers for Russian oligarchs?  There was a freakin’ Russian bookie operation run out of Trump Tower.  But that’s all met with a collective sigh from his base.  What Putin has must be larger than all of that by a factor of stupefying magnitude to make Trump want to hush it up that badly.  It is also possible, maybe even more probable, that he is conspiring with Putin to just take over the rest of the world and split the loot.  Which would last, naturally, just until Putin had his last remaining competitor killed off.