They were on Their Last Legs Anyway

Covid 2 Sq Lo Res

Just as the first US deaths from Covid-19 were occurring, Trump said it is no worse than the flu, it’s not about to trigger a recession, and the pandemic nonsense is a hoax.  The free press and Dems are just making stuff up to make him look bad.

Fast forward to 4/4/20 when O’Reilly is on Hannity’s show and the conversation turned to Covid-19.  Adept in propoganda as they are, they must have concluded the whole thing was not quite a hoax, but they couldn’t really own up to the seriousness of a pandemic.  O’Reilly chose the easy way out and said the number of deaths was way overstated, and those few who died were on their last legs anyway.  They yucked it up a bit, congratulated each other on how smart they were, then went home.

This might be a good opportunity for them to broadcast from one of the ICUs in the Bronx.  Where the ER personnel are starting to lose their shit, where they have two people per ventilator and they have rented refrigerated tractor trailers for the bodies.  No masks, no Hazmat suits, and bring your tool Trump.  After all, it’s a hoax.  Maybe go make fun of some of those miscreants on their last legs.  Or it might be a good time to actually own the garbage that comes out of your faces.  Attend funerals of some of the front line workers, maybe see what real human beings are like.  But that would not change anything.  There are no “It’s a Wonderful Life” moments, and that is how they will go to their graves.  I can’t change that, but that is probably a good thing anyway.  Despite my own defects of character, I have to believe I am nowhere near that monstrous, nor could I be around people who were.  You guys got what you wanted.  Choke on it, motherfuckers.

Mine! All mine!!

Stockpile V1 Ed 2

Jared said the stockpile of medical supplies, including respirators and PPE, was not the states’ stockpile, but “ours”.  Naturally, I thought he meant it was the Fed’s inventory to manage and distribute to the states.  I was sadly mistaken.  “Ours” apparently means Trump and his family.  It shouldn’t be a big surprise, they siphoned millions from their own freakin’ charity, so why should they not treat public cash or property the same way?

Trump demands kickbacks from Ukraine before releasing money for military assistance.  In the subsequent impeachment, the GOP signals that is just fine.  Trump and his kids now have no reason to believe demanding cash or fealty from anyone, including US governors in exchange for, say, medical equipment would be any different.  The stench of malfeasance hanging over the Oval Office has naturally seeped into the press briefings, which have devolved into live infomercials for Adored Magnificent Ruler Trump and Hydroxychloroquine.  He’s gotta have some sort of commercial interest in that crap, but seeing he did not divest himself of his companies, did not place stocks in a blind trust, or release his taxes like he said he would, we have no idea.  For further background, he claims the emoluments clause in the Constitution is “phony”, and continues to send US and foreign government business to his companies.

I’m usually kind of optimistic, but I do not see this ending well.


Shitstorm Approaching Washington DC

Shitstorm - URL Edit

The Klan robe is not really central to the news this week.  I just like to draw the little bigot in full regalia, blasted by the winds of this weeks impending shitstorm.  Kind of a crazy week, even by the standards of the new normal.  So the tax cut for the wealthy craters the US budget, what little growth there was from the corporate tax cuts was killed by the tariffs, and the US trade deficit with China is actually increasing.  Just like economists predicted.  Here’s another shocker: the trickle-down theory isn’t working this time either.  So naturally he attacks the Fed and GM.  Like Bernie Madoff, another big league con, King Rat is running out of places to hide and people to blame. Manafort perjures himself, tainting his testimony, and he reaches for the great big Obstruction of Justice Pardon Trump is dangling in front of him.  No, nobody’s gonna figure that one out, Big Guy.  The Administration climate report is fake too, by the way, and Jerry Brown is the real cause of the fires in California.  And with his and FOX’s obsession with email security, lock Ivanka up!  Trump once again claims US intelligence agencies have fake info, and they are lying about the Khashoggi murder.  I suppose it’s delusional to think that by participating in the cover-up he might be named an accomplice after the fact.  And it’s only Wednesday!

Post Helsinki

Helsinki News Conference - Ed V1, URL

As painful as the joint Helsinki news conference was, the explanation that what he really meant was just the opposite of what he said was even worse.  He was so diligent running his tiny little finger across the lines of the transcript, pretending to read, then offering the simple truth that he just meant the opposite of what he said.  Of course!  As long as there was a simple explanation, heck, no problem.  I think he reversed that a day later, and we’re back to My Pal Vlad Did Not Interfere.  But who the hell knows.  This is my contribution to the latest installment of the Trump Freak Show.  It is also the design I submitted for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade New Balloon Competition.  Be sure to watch for it.  It will be followed by the Vlad the Impaler balloon.