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Stockpile V1 Ed 2

Jared said the stockpile of medical supplies, including respirators and PPE, was not the states’ stockpile, but “ours”.  Naturally, I thought he meant it was the Fed’s inventory to manage and distribute to the states.  I was sadly mistaken.  “Ours” apparently means Trump and his family.  It shouldn’t be a big surprise, they siphoned millions from their own freakin’ charity, so why should they not treat public cash or property the same way?

Trump demands kickbacks from Ukraine before releasing money for military assistance.  In the subsequent impeachment, the GOP signals that is just fine.  Trump and his kids now have no reason to believe demanding cash or fealty from anyone, including US governors in exchange for, say, medical equipment would be any different.  The stench of malfeasance hanging over the Oval Office has naturally seeped into the press briefings, which have devolved into live infomercials for Adored Magnificent Ruler Trump and Hydroxychloroquine.  He’s gotta have some sort of commercial interest in that crap, but seeing he did not divest himself of his companies, did not place stocks in a blind trust, or release his taxes like he said he would, we have no idea.  For further background, he claims the emoluments clause in the Constitution is “phony”, and continues to send US and foreign government business to his companies.

I’m usually kind of optimistic, but I do not see this ending well.


Pa Drumpf Exonerated! You Just Can’t See The Evidence.

Damn Fool Boy Color

Yes, the Mueller Report clears him.  Totally.  We just can’t see it.  He’s a self proclaimed genius, we just can’t see his grades.  He’s a self proclaimed business god, we just can’t see his tax returns.  It’s not like this wasn’t foreseeable.  The signs have been there all along.  Like Bernie Madoff.  Kenneth Lay.  Jim Jones.  This is really the symptom of the problem, which is apparently the total failure of our educational system.  Collectively we are so fucking stupid we are getting exactly what we deserve.  You suppose people are going to figure out China isn’t paying the tariffs, it’s the American consumer?  Not a chance.  Or maybe that Bolton, who was such a freak he was fired by the Bush/ Cheney Fake WMD Foreign Policy Team is once again puffing up reality and banging the drums of war for an attack on Iran?  Don’t be absurd.

Making America Great Again

Helsinki 600, V2 - Copy Edit, URL

I had reservations about publishing this one.  But after the international humiliation of the Helsinki news conference, and now three days of increasingly bizarre excuses, demented explanations, and septic lies oozing from his face, I’m ok with the low road.

Breeding Koncept

Breeding Koncept - Copy

Keith Gunderson was a philosophy professor at the University of Minnesota.  Whenever he brought up an argument that was kind of plausible, yet there were some troubling loose ends that made you think it was maybe terminally flawed, he said that the nagging doubt was like having a crazy relative, say Uncle Bob, locked up in your attic, isolated far from civil society.  But one evening, during a formal dinner party you are hosting at home, Uncle Bob starts screaming and rattling the doors and windows, just howling with rage.  There, in the awkward silence, with your guests looking at you in horror, you try to make polite conversation but realize you are totally fucked and everyone knows it.  That’s what the people on Fox & Friends looked like this morning when Trump called in and went on a rant about how badly he was being treated.  One of the things he may have been trying to explain was a tweet earlier in the week that began with immigration woes, and ended with a nebulous reference to “Breeding Concept”, or “Koncept”, I suppose, in context.  Who knows what he meant.  It appears to be linked to white supremacist views that illegal immigrants are breeding like bunnies and it’s Alamo Time for old fat white guys with bad spray tans.  Could be.  In the meantime, bye Bob!


Novichok3 - Copy (3)

This started out as another jab at the NRA, which almost always entertains me, and the idea of 45 trying to open a vial of Novichok with a big hammer cheered me up too, but it also kicked loose a long simmering conspiracy theory.  Trump is on complete Twitter Silence with respect to Russia.  No insults, no childish taunts, no idiotic claims.  He looooves Vlad.  On top of all of Putin’s shenanigans, Sergei Skripal and his daughter are poisoned, and nothing from the obsessive compulsive twitterer.  The chattering class talk about the message behind all of the assassinations.  No direct proof Putin ordered it, but there’s enough of a message to let people know who did it and why.  Let Hannity and Alex Jones screw around with Pizzagate, NASA slave colonies on the moon, the Clintons’ and Obamas’ satanic cults and pimping pedophile prostitution.  This has got to mean Putin has some serious poop on Trump.