King Rat’s Legacy

Shitstain - Sq

It might be a little early to start considering King Rat’s contribution to democracy and ultimately, his legacy.  But highlights include how the GOP controlled Senate says it’s OK to demand kickbacks from foreign leaders and use any means, legal or otherwise, to cover it up.  It’s fine for the executive branch to stonewall judicial inquiries, ignoring any and all congressional Subpoenas.  I suppose there is little to be gained by pointing out that any future Democratic president, if any as corrupt as King Rat ascend to the role, may claim the same legal privilege.  Or that the GOP is headed by a guy who commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich, the only politician nearly as corrupt as Trump himself.  This following the pardon of ex-Sheriff Arpaio, the only disgraced law enforcement official possibly more bigoted than Trump.  Why not let Bernie Madoff walk.  Or Harvey Weinstein.  Like that would be any different?  I’m thinking the legacy is a big indelible shitstain on the American flag.  Congratulations, Trumpfucks.


Every Rat Has Their Year

Year of the Rat V2

Democrats have a messaging problem.  The public does not respond to political ads that have more than about four words.  Any policy, thought, idea or plan that needs more than one sentence is viewed with atavistic suspicion.  An argument with more than one or two words, grunts or gestures is viewed as liberal sophistry and is most likely the work of the Devil.  And quit dancing around the problem.  Trump hit up Ukraine for a fucking kickback.  He withheld federal money, taxpayer money, for a greasy personal favor.  In this case he wanted a press conference by the Ukrainian president saying they were investigating Biden’s kid.  Say it out loud.  “Kickback”.  Good.  Once more, only louder.  Might just as well have been a campaign contribution, could have been cash, maybe a blowjob.  It doesn’t matter, it’s the same thing, yet they worry it might be impolite to say publicly the smarmy rat-bastard demanded a kickback before handing over taxpayer money?  The guy ripped off his own charity and you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by pointing that out?  Take a look at Bloomberg’s ads. ‘Trump lied.  He took away your insurance, and if you’re lucky enough to still have it, he’s jacking up the prices.  Trump lied about the environment.  We’re hosed and he’s making it worse.  Trump lied about tariffs.  They’re not bringing manufacturing back, and you’re paying way more for crap.  Trump lied about the dumbass wall.  Show me a 30 foot wall and I’ll show you a 35 foot ladder.  And Mexico is not paying for it’.  Jeezus, is that so hard? I have to believe it’s better than four more Years of the Rat.

Stable Genius With Umbrella

Umbrella Genius - Edit, URL

This started out as a quiet character study, hence the bucolic title.  The clip of the dumbass fumbling with the umbrella as he boarded Air Force 1 was just like any other schmuck on their way to work.  A “Biederman” auf Deutsch.  The umbrella defeats him, and with a look of disgust he tosses it aside and grunts something, maybe a call to a manservant or some other peon.  “Hey Pissboy!! Bring me the bucket NOW!”.  Maybe I just imagined it.


Novichok3 - Copy (3)

This started out as another jab at the NRA, which almost always entertains me, and the idea of 45 trying to open a vial of Novichok with a big hammer cheered me up too, but it also kicked loose a long simmering conspiracy theory.  Trump is on complete Twitter Silence with respect to Russia.  No insults, no childish taunts, no idiotic claims.  He looooves Vlad.  On top of all of Putin’s shenanigans, Sergei Skripal and his daughter are poisoned, and nothing from the obsessive compulsive twitterer.  The chattering class talk about the message behind all of the assassinations.  No direct proof Putin ordered it, but there’s enough of a message to let people know who did it and why.  Let Hannity and Alex Jones screw around with Pizzagate, NASA slave colonies on the moon, the Clintons’ and Obamas’ satanic cults and pimping pedophile prostitution.  This has got to mean Putin has some serious poop on Trump.

Foreign Policy

Shithole NK Edit 2
Foreign Policy

I came across this drawing in a stack of things I meant to do something with.  I got a little nostalgic, and remembered the furor this set off so long ago.  Everyone was horrified at the message, that the only refugees we would take in were white guys from Northern Europe.  Then it occurred to me that was only two months ago.  We’ve been shelled with so many political, international, economic, environmental and criminal disasters from this White House Freak Show, the shelf life of one of these drawings is about two days.  In two months I’ll wonder whatever happened to the Stormy Daniels hush money/ bribery/ threatened-by-thug thing, and we all thought Bolton was such a bad idea but it turned out ok after all when he got fired after just two weeks for lobbing four Tomahawk cruise missiles into the UN Headquarters.  I will chuckle, ha ha ha, we were so naïve then.


Smokey Says - Nikon Edit (3)

Eclipsed by the current administration’s depraved assault on human decency is an equally enthusiastic attack on natural resources.  Following up on a racial slur used in an address to Navajo visitors to the White House, Trump opened up several National Monuments to mining and drilling, one of which contains Native American sites of spiritual and archaeological significance.  The slur came about when he cheerfully told his Navajo visitors he calls Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” because he does not like her and she says she is part Native American.  I’m sure they all had a good laugh.

Trump’s a guy with little regard for people, even less for the environment, and casually opened up drilling in ANWR.  He said originally he did not much care about it, but then a friend called about drilling, and he said sure, why not.  ANWR is for Trump a useless trinket he can toss to a loyal subject to demonstrate his magnificence and the might of his imperial powers.