Every Rat Has Their Year

Year of the Rat V2

Democrats have a messaging problem.  The public does not respond to political ads that have more than about four words.  Any policy, thought, idea or plan that needs more than one sentence is viewed with atavistic suspicion.  An argument with more than one or two words, grunts or gestures is viewed as liberal sophistry and is most likely the work of the Devil.  And quit dancing around the problem.  Trump hit up Ukraine for a fucking kickback.  He withheld federal money, taxpayer money, for a greasy personal favor.  In this case he wanted a press conference by the Ukrainian president saying they were investigating Biden’s kid.  Say it out loud.  “Kickback”.  Good.  Once more, only louder.  Might just as well have been a campaign contribution, could have been cash, maybe a blowjob.  It doesn’t matter, it’s the same thing, yet they worry it might be impolite to say publicly the smarmy rat-bastard demanded a kickback before handing over taxpayer money?  The guy ripped off his own charity and you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by pointing that out?  Take a look at Bloomberg’s ads. ‘Trump lied.  He took away your insurance, and if you’re lucky enough to still have it, he’s jacking up the prices.  Trump lied about the environment.  We’re hosed and he’s making it worse.  Trump lied about tariffs.  They’re not bringing manufacturing back, and you’re paying way more for crap.  Trump lied about the dumbass wall.  Show me a 30 foot wall and I’ll show you a 35 foot ladder.  And Mexico is not paying for it’.  Jeezus, is that so hard? I have to believe it’s better than four more Years of the Rat.

Breeding Koncept

Breeding Koncept - Copy

Keith Gunderson was a philosophy professor at the University of Minnesota.  Whenever he brought up an argument that was kind of plausible, yet there were some troubling loose ends that made you think it was maybe terminally flawed, he said that the nagging doubt was like having a crazy relative, say Uncle Bob, locked up in your attic, isolated far from civil society.  But one evening, during a formal dinner party you are hosting at home, Uncle Bob starts screaming and rattling the doors and windows, just howling with rage.  There, in the awkward silence, with your guests looking at you in horror, you try to make polite conversation but realize you are totally fucked and everyone knows it.  That’s what the people on Fox & Friends looked like this morning when Trump called in and went on a rant about how badly he was being treated.  One of the things he may have been trying to explain was a tweet earlier in the week that began with immigration woes, and ended with a nebulous reference to “Breeding Concept”, or “Koncept”, I suppose, in context.  Who knows what he meant.  It appears to be linked to white supremacist views that illegal immigrants are breeding like bunnies and it’s Alamo Time for old fat white guys with bad spray tans.  Could be.  In the meantime, bye Bob!



NRA 2, Edit 2This is where the subject’s head, as metaphor of the deal, is caught between the large fleshy thighs of Reality and squeezed until it explodes like a giant grape, requiring immediate Strategic Re-evaluation.  In the case of the current Commander in Chief, this leads to Art of the Deal Part 3, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Proceedings.


Back to School 8.5 x 11 Scan - With TextNot much more to say here.  I think of really stupid stuff like school backpacks with Kevlar and ceramic armor, and I find someone is producing it.  As Shakespeare famously said when asked about his history plays, “this shit writes itself”.


Sorry, Kiddos V2

It’s time for the assault rifles to go.  Owners rage about how they will fight to the death for them.  That’s fine, but they are not the ones dying.  Sorry, they are paying for a perverse notion of freedom with the blood of others.  Kids who are not enjoying the giddy sense of freedom that comes from owning an assault rifle and carrying it in public because they were gunned down in their own classrooms.

I cannot believe that the pervasiveness of weapons capable of so much destruction, and so readily accessible by lunatics is ok.  Las Vegas, one guy, eight minutes, 57 dead, 422 wounded.  Picture 500 people standing in your front yard.  Really.

Carrying a gun is, on one level, a measure of freedom.  When you have to arm yourself, your kids, teachers, co-workers, preachers, bus drivers, public safety workers, medical staff to name a few just so they might not get killed today is a perverse notion of freedom.  We failed these kids, and when they protest because they are getting gunned down on a regular basis, the NRA/ White Supremacy/ GOP triumvirate attacks the kids.  They sneer condescendingly at the survivors because they need armed guards.  Of course they do, because this pro-gun idiocy has pumped more high cap ARs and handguns into the civilian population and the hands of lunatics than we know what to do with.  It’s a fucking national disgrace when Trump, the GOP and the other white supremacists start disparaging the survivors.  It is time for them and the gun lobby to go.


Minotauromachy Revisited


Minotauromachy Nikon B&W

This is one of those drawings that didn’t end up like I planned. 

I was sitting around sketching things, and did a quick gesture drawing which seemed like a person with facial features like a bull.  I thought of “Minotauromachy”, an etching by Picasso.  It showed the mythical creature, sometimes playful, often violent, in that split second between stasis and annihilation.  He did that a couple of years before Guernica, but both have a similar feel.

I saw the etching differently because of parallels to today.  For Picasso, the bull was not just Franco, but brutality and darkness everywhere.  The terrified dying horse and the dead female matador, the girl with the candle, she still has hope, and is one heartbeat away from destruction.  I saw her as the schoolchildren murdered since Columbine.  I saw my own daughter.  In the background instead of the two women watching impassively, I imagined a suit.  The GOP.  His hand covers his face so people won’t recognize him, but he also does not want to see what’s happening, or acknowledge his complicity, the money he has taken from the NRA.  Bloody hands, no guilt, numb hell, searching for more cash to fill the void of a dead soul.

So there it is.  Edges are harsh and ugly, surfaces are not defined or modeled, bad shit is happening, I was pissed, and I felt it looked pretty much ok.