They were on Their Last Legs Anyway

Covid 2 Sq Lo Res

Just as the first US deaths from Covid-19 were occurring, Trump said it is no worse than the flu, it’s not about to trigger a recession, and the pandemic nonsense is a hoax.  The free press and Dems are just making stuff up to make him look bad.

Fast forward to 4/4/20 when O’Reilly is on Hannity’s show and the conversation turned to Covid-19.  Adept in propoganda as they are, they must have concluded the whole thing was not quite a hoax, but they couldn’t really own up to the seriousness of a pandemic.  O’Reilly chose the easy way out and said the number of deaths was way overstated, and those few who died were on their last legs anyway.  They yucked it up a bit, congratulated each other on how smart they were, then went home.

This might be a good opportunity for them to broadcast from one of the ICUs in the Bronx.  Where the ER personnel are starting to lose their shit, where they have two people per ventilator and they have rented refrigerated tractor trailers for the bodies.  No masks, no Hazmat suits, and bring your tool Trump.  After all, it’s a hoax.  Maybe go make fun of some of those miscreants on their last legs.  Or it might be a good time to actually own the garbage that comes out of your faces.  Attend funerals of some of the front line workers, maybe see what real human beings are like.  But that would not change anything.  There are no “It’s a Wonderful Life” moments, and that is how they will go to their graves.  I can’t change that, but that is probably a good thing anyway.  Despite my own defects of character, I have to believe I am nowhere near that monstrous, nor could I be around people who were.  You guys got what you wanted.  Choke on it, motherfuckers.

Bovine Free Speech

Cow - Devin's

Devin has launched another round of lawsuits in his legal carpet bombing campaign against bovine free speech.  Here, in this undated photo, the treasonous little cowpoke’s cattle are fleeing a process server who just arrived at the premises.

Every Rat Has Their Year

Year of the Rat V2

Democrats have a messaging problem.  The public does not respond to political ads that have more than about four words.  Any policy, thought, idea or plan that needs more than one sentence is viewed with atavistic suspicion.  An argument with more than one or two words, grunts or gestures is viewed as liberal sophistry and is most likely the work of the Devil.  And quit dancing around the problem.  Trump hit up Ukraine for a fucking kickback.  He withheld federal money, taxpayer money, for a greasy personal favor.  In this case he wanted a press conference by the Ukrainian president saying they were investigating Biden’s kid.  Say it out loud.  “Kickback”.  Good.  Once more, only louder.  Might just as well have been a campaign contribution, could have been cash, maybe a blowjob.  It doesn’t matter, it’s the same thing, yet they worry it might be impolite to say publicly the smarmy rat-bastard demanded a kickback before handing over taxpayer money?  The guy ripped off his own charity and you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by pointing that out?  Take a look at Bloomberg’s ads. ‘Trump lied.  He took away your insurance, and if you’re lucky enough to still have it, he’s jacking up the prices.  Trump lied about the environment.  We’re hosed and he’s making it worse.  Trump lied about tariffs.  They’re not bringing manufacturing back, and you’re paying way more for crap.  Trump lied about the dumbass wall.  Show me a 30 foot wall and I’ll show you a 35 foot ladder.  And Mexico is not paying for it’.  Jeezus, is that so hard? I have to believe it’s better than four more Years of the Rat.

Subterranean Homesick Blues

King Rat al-Baghdadi V3 Text

I’m sure they all started out with good intentions.  Back in November 2016, I posted a photo of the final scene in “Scarface”, where Al Pacino opens fire on the murderous thugs rushing towards him, and I wrote a caption suggesting it depicted Trump’s last day in the White House.  “Ha, ha, ha!” I thought.  That was a hurtful thing to say, for which I apologize.  But it was oddly prescient.   King Rat likes theatrics, but he is also a subterranean fuck, reticent, like al-Baghdadi.  William Barr ignored warnings about the fate of Nixon’s AG, John Mitchell, so I’m sure he would not heed further advice, least of all from me (and frankly, he should not), but I do not think it would be prudent to go into that last blind tunnel with King Rat in a suicide vest behind me.

Pa Drumpf And The CBP

Pa Drumpf - Hi Cont, URL

The story from a senior White House staffer is that Trump told the head of the CBP to defy the courts and block migrants seeking asylum from crossing into the US.  Naturally Trump dangled a pardon in front of him in case there were any legal repercussions.  And nobody was shocked.  That’s a great big conspiracy to obstruct justice turd floating in the White House punch bowl and everyone is so jaded it merits a collective shoulder shrug and it’s off to the next one.  Crap like that would ordinarily draw attention from the AG, but apparently Barr hasn’t googled John Mitchell.  I’m sure it will be just fine.  35% of Italians thought Mussolini was just fine.  For a little while anyway.

Hump Day at CPAC

Hump Day 3 - Ed 1

The original photo is already hackneyed, a jaded pathetic cliché.  Like Sweaty Richard Nixon and the Checkers speech, or Bush Jr. on the aircraft carrier with the “Mission Accomplished” banner.  I suppose most people viewed this CPAC spectacle as some sort of sick Me Too moment, or maybe thought of a Snow Monkey humping a basketball.  That crossed my mind, as did the notion that here Trump is doing to the flag what he’s been doing to us for the last couple of years.  As humor often is, that was, sadly, too close to a dark truth to be funny.  I thought maybe the angle that he mistook the flag for a porn star might work, but that depressed me for the same reason.

So after dry humping the flag, he went off on a deranged monologue for two hours.  If an older relative spoke like that you’d be figuring out a way to nab his car keys and keep him off the road.  It sounded like he went off his meds, but CPAC loved it.  Of course they did.  So family values now embrace cheating, as long as it’s with a porn star.  Or a Playboy bunny.  It’s ok to lie about not knowing them, more lies of not knowing about the hush money, then confronted with the checks he signed he claims it wasn’t money from the campaign.  I suppose that’s another lie, but who knows.  Either way, the cash does not have to originate from a campaign fund to be illegal.  It could have come from his charity.  The one the NY AG shut down because of outright fraud, as he happily treated that money along with campaign and inaugural contributions as his own personal loot.  Or to express sadness that a really good guy like Manafort is going to jail for tax evasion, money laundering, bank fraud and perjury.  For Chrissake,  he was the bag man for Putin’s other puppet, the former President of Ukraine.  Apparently all that’s ok too.  And it must be so disappointing that after years of accusations they couldn’t get anything on Hillary.  Not a single stinking charge.  I want to see CPAC, to see what it looks like when these slobbering slack-jawed Trumpian sodomites proudly pass these values on to their kids.

Man-baby Uber Alles

Wall - Sq Edit

I told myself no more man-baby drawings, but Trump keeps performing the same routine.  I think this is it, this is really all he’s got.  It’s hate.  He couldn’t exist without it.  His hate for everything, the hate he whips up in his Cult of Hate, and the hate he elicits when even normal people hear him bray.  There must be some limit, but he has to escalate the level of repugnancy each time so people do not tune him out.  When you believe you have to put out a new episode of this reality freak show every day, at some point the only thing you have left is to burn that shit to the ground.  I can’t believe he listens to, or enjoys music, but the Stones floated the idea of suicide right on stage years ago.  That can’t be it.  But then again, the last time I heard “Sympathy for the Devil” I thought damn, they could do a new stanza for this guy.  What if he wants to be the new stanza?

He can’t get Mexico to pay for the wall, he can’t get congress to fund it, so he makes it a national emergency, takes the money from the military budget and ultimately sticks the taxpayers with the tab.  So, to reiterate, he’s taking money from the military, the force defending the US against existing military threats, and pisses it away with an ineffectual project to try to keep unarmed civilians out.  Even by existing MAGA standards that is so fucked up I cannot believe those words can even be combined to make a sentence.  And show me a ten foot wall and I’ll show you a twelve foot ladder.  He has to call it a national emergency because he can’t make a deal with anyone and his numbers are going down the toilet.  Except for his base.  I do not want to imply that MAGAheads are morons, but Trump should just tell them he built the wall already.  “Did it during the government shutdown!  Nobody knows but me!  The crooked press won’t cover it”!  Of course they’ll believe it.

But on the bright side, when Trump is impeached, and Pence resigns because of his role in the Flynn-Manafort-Russia-Ukraine sanctions, money laundering, tax evasion, bribes, and quite possibly some freaky gay brown bigot bunny crap, as third in line, Nancy Pelosi will assume the Presidency.  She will declare US gun deaths a national emergency and confiscate all handguns and assault rifles immediately.  What’s the matter MAGAheads, you got a problem with executive authority?