Art in a Twisted and Deranged World


“Stable Genius Rotting From the Head Down”

While hardly a novel idea, it occurred to me that the putative leader of our country is neither stable nor a genius, and like the GOP, has some sort of advanced moral rot starting deep within the brain and seeping outwards.  Where people who may have started out with good intentions find themselves endorsing not only the pussy grabber in chief’s behavior, but expand this to include a candidate for the US Senate, a disgraced ex-judge, who if not an actual pedophile, could be considered an experienced sexual predator.  Think about just what you would have to do to get banned from a shopping mall.  Twice.  And you gotta make a real effort to get kicked off the bench.  Like really batshit crazy application of jurisprudence.  At what point did this become ok?  The sketch came together all by itself in what seemed like a few seconds, and the accessories followed.