Man-baby Uber Alles

Wall - Sq Edit

I told myself no more man-baby drawings, but Trump keeps performing the same routine.  I think this is it, this is really all he’s got.  And it’s hate.  He couldn’t exist without it.  His hate for everything, the hate he whips up in his Cult of Hate, and the hate he elicits when even normal people hear him bray.  There must be some limit, but he has to escalate the level of repugnancy each time so people do not tune him out.  When you believe you have to put out a new episode of this reality freak show every day, at some point the only thing you have left is to burn that shit to the ground.  I can’t believe he listens to, or enjoys music, but the Stones floated the idea of suicide right on stage years ago.  That can’t be it.  But then again, the last time I heard “Sympathy for the Devil” I thought damn, they could do a new stanza for this guy.  What if he wants to be the new stanza?

He can’t get Mexico to pay for the wall, he can’t get congress to fund it, so he makes it a national emergency, takes the money from the military budget and sticks the taxpayers with the tab.  So, to reiterate, he’s taking money from the military, the force defending the US against existing military threats, and pisses it away to keep unarmed civilians out.  Maybe.  Even by existing MAGA standards that is so fucked up I cannot believe those words can even be combined to make a sentence.  It’s a national emergency because he can’t make a deal with anyone and his numbers are going down the toilet.  Except for his base.  I do not want to imply that MAGAheads are morons, but Trump should just tell them he built the wall already.  “Did it during the government shutdown!  Nobody knows but me!  The crooked press won’t cover it”!  Yeah, they’ll believe it.

But on the bright side, when Trump is impeached, and Pence resigns because of his role in the Flynn-Manafort-Russia-Ukraine sanctions, money laundering, tax evasion, bribes, and quite possibly some freaky gay brown bigot bunny crap, as third in line, Nancy Pelosi will assume the Presidency.  She will likely declare US gun deaths a national emergency and confiscate all handguns and assault rifles immediately.  What’s the matter MAGAheads, you got a problem with executive authority?


Art Crawl

Art Crawl MS Text

I try not to recycle drawings, and sharp-eyed followers may have noticed this was used for Genius 3.0.  That is true, but it assumes I actually have followers, sharp-eyed or otherwise.  Genius 3.0 was the base for this Art Crawl piece which I intended to submit to a local arts organization looking for a catalogue cover for their Spring Art Crawl.  The CFA suggested submitting images that were not offensive, disturbing or in bad taste.  Blah blah blah cry me a fuckin’ river.  So I drew this.  I did not realize until it was time to send this in that I had to be a member of the collective to be considered.  Jeezus, like I’m gonna pay them?  Yep, I’m just sitting here with buckets of royalty checks looking for some way to get rid of all that cash.  So this was to have been my entry, and upon advice of counsel, I scrubbed all references to the arts organization’s name and location.  I am now thinking about doing the “Stormy” painting the diseased troglodyte is so zealously guarding.  Maybe do a Banksy and sneak in and nail that sucker to a wall in the National Gallery.  It’s way better than a lot of the crap they have, and I could follow up with a “Melania” painting.  Oh, but that would be identical, wouldn’t it.

Genius 3.0

genius 3.0 - edit v1

Trump emerges triumphantly from the White House after his government shutdown, appearing absolutely buoyant after another big win.  It even looks like he got his hair, as it were, reupholstered for the new year.  Eyes blinking like a rat emerging from the sewer into sunlight after 35 days of total darkness.  But enough about that disaster.  I have to congratulate him on legal strategy.  Up until now Obstruction of Justice and Witness Tampering have been abstract, hypothetical and relatively remote.  Dangling pardons in front of former staffers to influence their testimony has been inferred, shutting down Mueller might possibly be construed as Obstruction , but it has been largely speculative.  But last week Cohen says he will not testify before the House Committee because of Trump’s threats to Cohen and his family.  Ok, that’s pretty real.  There’s even stuff in writing.  But then the Twitter Freak responds by further threatening Cohen and Cohen’s father-in-law, just in case anyone didn’t quite figure it out the first time around.  Trump is, apparently, unaware Mueller reads his tweets.  Hang onto that dream, Big Guy.




l'etat brd - copy

Ok, this might be juvenile, but I am having a difficult time coming up with an erudite response to the little freak’s behavior this week.  And Rudy, yeah you, Rudy!  Good job representing your guy in the press!  So far you confirmed the relationships and subsequent payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, AND confirmed Trump was talking to Vlad about the Moscow Trump Tower not just until right before the Republican Convention but quite possibly, UP UNTIL THE INAUGURATION!  I know, it’s picking nits, and what the heck difference could a few months make, right?  Then, while everyone is still marveling at the way your client is immolating himself on Twitter, you casually mention that the whole freakin’ Trump Campaign and transition team might very well have been colluding their asses off the whole time!  Heck, they could still be doing it!You’re lucky FOX doesn’t report any of that shit so the big guy will never hear about it.  Yeah, like he’s gonna read something.  Nevertheless, you can tell me.  How much is Hillary paying you?  C’mon, I won’t tell anyone.  Seriously, I won’t.  I dare you.  I double dog dare you!

Red Tailed Hawk

red tailed hawk, nebuloso, edit 2, credit

I have, on occasion, done illustrations that might be considered political.  Some are a little puerile, and sometimes I might have been rightfully accused of careening off the path of responsible writing, and plunging into the abyss of poor taste.  That may or may not be true, but that is beyond the scope of this posting.  I still draw things from nature, and this hawk is just the latest of a line of drawings begun as a child.  It reminds me that even if there was not this hideous Trumpian Kleptocracy unfolding, even if there had been no Watergate, no Iran-Contra, no Weapons of Mass Destruction Scam, the GOP’s environmental record alone would have been enough to make me spit on the ground every time their name is mentioned, and would prevent me from voting for any single one of the Rat Bastards as long as I can still make it to the polls by my own volition.

Clown Car Trumpster Fire

Clown Car Trumpster Fire - Copy

It’s a dumpster fire!  No, it’s a clown car!  Nope, you’re both wrong!  It’s two, two clusterfucks in one.  It’s the MAGA Clown Car Trumpster Fire!  Once again, it’s the weekend, and the Chattering Class is going on about how this has been the worst week ever for democracy, and how can this crap keep going on?  Sadly, I have to believe we will be saying the same damn thing next weekend.