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Shithole Countries

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An updated version of one of my favorites with a more accurate quote.  Yes, this was in a conversation referring specifically to people from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries.  Just in case anyone in the room was unclear what he meant, he added that what we needed were people from Norway.  We were so horrified Trump was suggesting policies to keep America white.  It isn’t a suggestion, it’s another brick in the wall.

Pa Drumpf Exonerated! You Just Can’t See The Evidence.

Damn Fool Boy Color

Yes, the Mueller Report clears him.  Totally.  We just can’t see it.  He’s a self proclaimed genius, we just can’t see his grades.  He’s a self proclaimed business god, we just can’t see his tax returns.  It’s not like this wasn’t foreseeable.  The signs have been there all along.  Like Bernie Madoff.  Kenneth Lay.  Jim Jones.  This is really the symptom of the problem, which is apparently the total failure of our educational system.  Collectively we are so fucking stupid we are getting exactly what we deserve.  You suppose people are going to figure out China isn’t paying the tariffs, it’s the American consumer?  Not a chance.  Or maybe that Bolton, who was such a freak he was fired by the Bush/ Cheney Fake WMD Foreign Policy Team is once again puffing up reality and banging the drums of war for an attack on Iran?  Don’t be absurd.

King Rat Swirly

King Rat Exonerated

“I’m fucked!  This is the end of my presidency!”  That and details of 11 instances of Obstruction of Justice in the Mueller report really mean “total exoneration and complete vindication”.  Of course, how could I have been so stupid.  Ditto for “Unindicted Co-conspirator No. 1”.  The only reason he has not been indicted is because he is the president, as it were, and the formal procedure is impeachment.  Fine.  Flush the rat bastard.  And Barr probably should have looked at the circumstances leading to John Mitchell’s incarceration before he started acting as Trump’s defense attorney.